The Company’s main business activities
  • • Providing services in the field of commodity trading.
  • • The transportation of cargoes such as oil, gas, crews etc. across the globe using primarily chartered vessels.
  • • Sourcing, purchasing, selling and delivering energy related products such as crude oil, refined petroleum, liquefied natural gas and renewable energy products.

Maritime services provided
  • 1 Ship chartering - Gasmenco offers a global charter at competitive prices providing flexible schedules for all your part-charter and full-charter requirements. Vessels of all sizes are available with different lifting capabilities ranging from bulkers, container carriers to gearless ships to meet the various demands of our clients.

  • 2 Bunkering services - We provide complete ship Bunkering services for vessels within the West Africa region with emphases on Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Liberia etc. We pride ourselves in being reliable and one of the best providers of ship refueling services along the West African coastline. Our extensive network covers all ports around West Africa and this is reflected in our customers’ appreciation of our ability to offer effective and better quality service than our competitors.

  • 3 Chandelling - We supply an inexhaustible array of items to ships and vessels. Our supply range includes deck, engine store, provision store, gas cylinders and firefighting equipment. We display a high level of integrity in sourcing for our goods to ensure we supply only high quality goods from trusted brands worldwide. To ensure consistency of supplies at the most competitive prices in the industry, we have established a supply chain and partnership with big stores and distributors across the globe.

  • 4 Staffing - Our recruiting process is so intense that we ensure that all candidates are qualified and certified in compliance with international marine operations requirements. The procedure of selecting personnel includes personal interviews, checking of professional abilities, previous service & references verification, communication skill test, certificates’ validity. Stimulations and Drills assessment is also vigorously implemented.